Of Movies and Men

I have been a student of journalism for over a year now and I have this genius ability to look at things (or people in some cases) and judge if they were made because someone was genuinely passionate about it or because someone wanted to make money out of it. As much as I love superheroes, cgi and action movies- Marvel movies are made to get more fans, sell more merchandise and ultimately earn money. It is honestly the kind of cinema that I would not waste my money on.There is nothing wrong with making movies that people want to see but that does not mean you keep trying the same formulas over and over again just because you know it works. What happened to originality, what happened to taking risks, when did films become purely a ‘business’?

As an obssessive movie lover I find it saddening and offending at the same time that movies are made not because the makers wanted to make a fantastic film but because a production house wanted to make millions by selling expensive tickets just so the audience could see their favourite superhero with a bunch of new ammunition.

There are movies like Christopher Nolan’s Batman series which may have been made to earn money or whatever reason, but the movies were worth every penny that we spent on it. They had planned a trilogy, they delivered an epic and unimmitable trilogy. They didn’t make four or five movies just because the first three did very well. This is the line between filmmakers and businessmen- Twilight saga, The Hunger Games trilogy, the Divergent trilogy, The Mortal Instruments series and The Maze Runner are movies from the same mould and I know they will do very well at the box office. But that does not necessarily mean that they are incredible movies.

When movies like Dallas Buyers Club or The Fighter are made, they are made because the story appeals to the director and it strikes a cord with the cast. Movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor:The Dark World and even TV shows like Marvel: Agents of SHIELD are made because it will make Marvel richer. I am strongly against watching this type of movies and I find it insulting to the thoughtful film industry as a whole. Cinema is a sacred platform made for creative geniuses to share stories that affect, influence or inspire the world. It is not a money-making machine, for Christ’s sake! The Avengers, Transformers, X-Men are all movies from the same category- boring, bland and baseless. If you want hard-core but senseless action, ridiculously awesome but realistically impossible scientific weapons and heavy graphics, go for them. But if you want a three-dimensional hero with a tragic yet inspiring storyline, a villian with a fair reason behind his madness and a movie that tell the thrilling story that forces you to keep your eyes wide open, you just have to wait till Christopher Nolan puts his magic fingers on another superhero.


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