Little Women of Westeros

With the fourth season of Game of Thrones only hours away, the fans are getting over-excited and impatient with anticipation. In the last three seasons George R R Martin and David Benioff have given us plenty of entertaining nudity, grizzly deaths, brutal murder, distubing amputation and lot and lots of incest. They have killed of our favourite characters, given us new characters to roots for and used character development to make us fall for characters we always detested (Jaime Lannister I’m looking at you). But out of all the things they newly brought to television, literature and pop culture- my favourite is the fantastic array of women from different backgrounds and touching storylines.

Let us start off with my favourite shall we, Cersei Lannister is universally hated for shagging her own brother and giving birth to a son more useless than the first slice of bread. I adore her to death, she is the perfect representation of a mother’s love for her son and a daughter’s struggle to prove to her father that she is not less than her brothers. She has been married to a man she loved dearly but never got his love in return, a man who in front of her brother slept with every prostitute in King’s Landing and Cersei never got the respect she deserved from the Kingdom or support she deserved from her family. The only thing she got was Jaime’s love and she was so desperate for validation that she accepted it. I don’t judge her for that, she is definitely one of the most realistically written characters in a TV series in a very long time.

Then my second favourite little Arya Stark, I knew this girl was going to go places when I saw her in the first episode. She is a naive young girl struggling to navigate a cruel and filthy kingdom without help or guidance. She is constantly in danger from people she doesn’t even know and yet she has survived longer than most of the other characters. If George R R Martin kills her off I will go on a murderous rampage.

Then there is Margaery Tyrell, the one woman I would love to sit on the throne. She is seductive with her words, dignified with her behaviour and impossibly ambitious. Inspite of being one of the most attractive ladies in the seven kingdoms she got married to man who was in love with her own brother and the worst part is that she knew. Now to keep up the Tyrell name and her own reputation she has to charm Joffrey. I genuinely feel she will make a good queen because she has the ability to make risky strategic  decisions and is not overtly emotional like Cersai.

I am personally not very fond of Sansa Stark, I found her as another boring damsel in distress but there are all kinds of women and women like her exist in plenty. I agree that she has suffered a lot but so has EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in this show. Yet she is constantly whinning, crying and complaining. She should be grateful that she has a kind and generous husband, words rarely used to describe a man from Westeros. But again this is just my opinion.

Then there is my least favourite, Daenerys Targaryen. I know I am a feminist and she is woman, hence I’m supposed to root for her. I don’t see the logic in her existence, her father burned down tons of people years ago and to prove that she is NOT like him, she is going to show up in Westeros with fire-breathing dragons. No wonder if she doesn’t manage to convince anyone that she is not psychotic like her ancestors. She feels she was born to be Queen and I honestly don’t want to see on the throne, or anywhere in ther seven kingdoms, or anywhere near the fantastic Jorah Mormont.

Whatever our opinions they will differ vastly based on how we see the characters and how we view women as a whole. But all of them good or bad, are surely three-dimensional with a tragic past, doubtful present and virtually non-existent future. However we see the women of Westeros as they are surely not disinteresting, they have an important role in the progressing storyline and has majory shaped the Westeros we see today.



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