The Metamorphosis of Jaime Lannister

The Lannisters of Casterly Rock are the only family we love to hate more than the Kardashians and for good reason. The patriarch Tywin Lannister is a ruthless, cunning Lord who cruelly ordered the murders of countless men including half the Starks, his daughter Cersei is an overtly emotional, spiteful and wicked mother who cannot look beyond the blind love for her son, his youngest Tyrion is the cause for all his pain and agony but my favourite is the universally hated, universally insulted, universally envied, universally desired ‘Kingslayer’ Jaime Lannister.

In the first episode of Game of Thrones we saw Jaime on a magnificent horse, with trademark Lannister blonde hair and a naughty grin proudly wearing red in the Stark strong-hold, Winterfell. He was dashing, confident and a majestic sight- everything a King should be. Then out came King Robert Baratheon, with his enormous belly and gross beard looking like a stinking pig with a garbage mouth. I was shocked to find out that a man who was the finest knight in all the seven kingdoms, the future of the prosperous House of Lannister, the nightmares of all enemies of Casterly Rock chose to be an ordinary King’s Guard.That was when my fascination with him began, he made me ask questions, seek the truth and look beyond the veil of power and greed.

Then I found out that dude shags his own sister which disgusted and intrigued me at the same time- why would a handsome, rich bachelor who could bone any and every prostitute or even decent lady from a reputed house choose his own sister? I wanted answers and he gave them to me by pushing Bran Stark off a tower- he was reckless. In the first episode itself Jaime boned Cersei, tried to murder Ned Stark’s youngest child and ordered his men to kill Ned’s men in the street- for one episode he garnered plenty of hate from me. But that is the thing with the Lannisters, we hate them because they are selfish, greedy and cunning- like all of us. I wish I had the courage and honour of the Starks but no, most of the people in this world are ruthless and self-centered like the Lannisters. That’s when it dawned on me, we don’t hate the Lannisters because they are evil, we hate them because they remind us that we are evil too.

In the second and third season, his transformation began and I began hating him less and less. After being imprisoned like an ordinary man and unable to escape using his family name he realized that maybe shitting gold wasn’t so very useful when it is a matter of life and death. That is when he realized that he may have money and status but he is just an ordinary man and his throat can be as easily slit as a maid from a tavern. Jaime Lannister, the mighty Lannister Lion, the Kingslayer humbled by disappointing reality. I began to feel sympathetic towards him, I began to understand his suffering and then when his sword-hand was severed Jaime immediately went from being a villian in the Stark-centered story to another victim in the Westeros-centered story, another man sacrificed to violence and brutal destruction.

But the moment when he became my favourite character, even more than Tyrion himself was when he abandoned his one chance of successfully escaping imprisonment and jumped into the bear-pit to save Brienne. In that one moment, he was not a selfish, greedy and cruel Lannister, he was not thinking of his future as the Lord of Casterly Rock, he was not doing it to save Brienne- he did it because he wanted to do one noble thing in his life because he was sure the bear would kill him. After returning to King’s Landing in Season 4, he immediately went all ballistic on Cersei I found out my answer of what makes Jaime so twisted- he loves Cersei. He loves Cersei so much that he can kill any man, fight any war, piss off his own father, sacrifice his position as Lord of Casterly Rock and choose a simple life of a King’s Guard so he could be near her. I always knew Jaime Lannister would invoke strong emotions in me mainly because I believe he is the most realistically carved character in the storyline of Westeros. I can never forgive him for the disgusting incest or killing Robb Stark but I will never cease to be amazed by Jaime’s impulsive behaviour when it comes to the one woman he loves.


12 thoughts on “The Metamorphosis of Jaime Lannister”

    1. In the book when the assassin finally stabs Robb he said “Jaime Lannister sends his regards” but in the show they choose a less controversial “The Lannisters send their regards”

      1. Right, but either way, that doesn’t prove that Jaime had anything to do with the Wedding. Jaime had been captive of Robb and Catelyn, and Catelyn released him. When told by Roose Bolton that Robb was going to be married, it’s not suspicious that Jaime would offer some kind of smartass comment.

      2. But how? He found out about the Wedding as he was leaving. Tywin Lannister had already made the deal with Roose Bolton and Walder Frey, promising them lands and titles in exchange for their treachery. Jaime couldn’t have been in on the negotiation.

        The last time he tried to negotiate anything, he ended up with a missing hand.

        At worst, Roose might have told Jaime about the plan, but we have no evidence for that either.

        Please understand, I appreciate that we disagree on this point and I’m not trying to pull you into an argument. I just don’t think that Jaime had any ability to arrange the Red Wedding. Roose did the stabbing, Tywin made the arrangement. Jaime was just being shuffled from captivity to captivity.

  1. Hey, I wanted to reach out and say hi. I recently wrote a post about Jaime Lannister and if he could have been involved with the Red Wedding. You might notice that last year I had briefly debated that topic here on your blog, and since your article inspired me to write my own, I felt it appropriate to link to yours.

    I wanted to touch base, to let you know that I really enjoyed your article about Jaime’s transformation, and even though we disagree on his participation in the Red Wedding, I didn’t want to be disrespectful by mentioning your blog without notifying you.

    I had wanted to debate with you a bit more last year, but I felt it wouldn’t be proper for me to do so in your comments area, since this is your blog, and I’m free to expand on my position in my own space.

    Anyway, best regards and best wishes.

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