Pride and Playboys

Let it be known that I am writing this post while listening to ‘I knew you were trouble when you walked in’ by Taylor Swift which she wrote to describe her relationship with Harry Styles from One Direction. I have been deeply in love with Harry since 2010 when One Direction was formed. The media has swayed me into believing all sorts of things about him- he is a cupcake with a cute smile, he is Caroline Flack’s boytoy, he is damaged popstar and he is the ultimate playboy. Some of those things I believe and some are just plain tabloid junk.

Let it also be known that I do not know him personally and would not WANT to know him personally. Honestly why would I be interested in being friends with a boy who changes his girlfriend every week? Don’t be too shocked, although I am a huge fan of their music I do not always approve of their behaviour. Maybe I will listen to One Direction till I die but I will never be as much in love with Harry as I was when I first saw him. He then dated half the women in Great Britain and I watched my little baby  transform into the alcohol-drinking, tatoo-craving and girl-chasing popstar that the world was so desperate to see him turn into. But I also watched him as he ate bananas on stage, hugged little girls and performed in front of millions of demanding fans. He has grown into a man- imperfect yet irresistable.

we heart it

No girl in her right mind would date him, his reputation is as scandalous as King Henry VIII’s. His relationship history is pathetic and his attention-span is zero (unless one of his bandmates is talking). He walks around with a sly grin but I think he should always have a hoarding hanging from his neck that says ‘Danger’ with a picture of a blazing red skull. He is one of those boys who will walk into your life accidently, amuse you and make you laugh with his stupid face, make you fall in love with his adorable behaviour and hen break your heart with his coldness.

And as the world, One Direction fandom and music-lovers everywhere continue to judge Taylor Swift, I still believe Harry is equally responsible and deserves half the hate. But offcourse he is Harry Styles and all his crimes will be forgiven because he might break your heart a million times but yet when you see his face you can’t help but melt.


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