As I Lay Poisoned

Only I’m probably the only one saying this but I will miss Joffrey! The infamous ‘Purple Wedding’ took place two days ago and people who had not seen it coming celebrated the death of the most hated character on Game of Thrones but people who had read the books knew a lot of darkness was still to come.  I never thought I would ever hate a fictional character more than Professor Dolores Umbridge but then came jJoffrey Baratheon- the spoilt, greedy, arrogant and sometimes (all the time?) plain evil and I immediately knew that he was going to invoke strong emotions in me.


It is strange that a 13 year old can cause so much damage but Joffrey has proved that a 13 year old with a neglecting Father and over-pampering Mother can be dangerous. His behaviour proves that too much love can harm. So today we will talk about one of my favourite characters and undoubtedly the best young actor in Game of Thrones.


One of the most peculiar things about Joffrey is the dynamic he shares with his mother. Cersei Lannister can single-handedly be blamed for Joffrey’s crude attitude but everytime Joffrey insulted Tyrion, she looked at him as if he had slaughtered a wild boar. Cersei never got love from her parents and she didn’t want Joffrey to feel the way she did- lonely and miserable. So she loved him foolishly, unconditionally and wholeheartedly. She loved him so much that it led him to his doom. I found this relationship between two characters that George R. R. Martin established very fascinating. These two represent 90% of the mother-son relationships in the world. Mother’s love their sons so much that they are blind to logic, reason and manipulation (Trust me, I speak from personal experience).


The next thing that caught my eye was Joffrey’s treatment of Sansa. He hates her so much he wants to cause her pain in every possible way. He wants to spoil  her  family relations by hurting Arya’s dog, he wants to humiliate her by disrobing her in court, he wants to emotionally break her by killing her family and he want to psychologically harm her by insulting her husband Tyrion in front of everyone. He hates her so much, he will go to any lengths to wreak havoc in her life. I don’t really mind it though, seeing as Sansa is a dim-witted ninny. But what I do have a huge,huge problem with is Joffrey insulting Tyrion. Nobody messes with my favourite character!


Then one day when he was happy causing more anger and hurt as always, that too on his wedding day- universally hated Joffrey was drank wine which Tyrion gave him and the world turned upside down. I hadn’t read the books so I didn’t see it coming. When he drank it and began choking I thought he might be sick or something, I did not react at all. Off course a Westerosi wedding needs drama, so there it was. But then he couldn’t stop coughing and my eyes began widening. Then he fells and began vomiting as Cersei and Jaime ran to him and turned him around. That’s when it hit me, George R. R. Martin killed him!



George R. R. Martin finally killed that character that everyone was waiting for him to kill. He did it! Just like that King Joffrey of houses Lannister and Baratheon was gone and I am simple in complete awe of Jack Gleeson’s acting chops. Joffrey’s character proved that too much can eat you up and swallow you whole. It is an important lesson and he could have learned it the easy way as well. But then again, when you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die.


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