Les Fabulous- My view on Met Gala 2014

Sometimes I feel obligated to post about something just because so many other bloggers are posting about it, and the details of the fashion world is one of those subjects. Although like any other girl I like to look pretty and work to look pretty, I cannot tell you the difference between lip balms, lip butters, lip stains or lip whatever. Although I have equal knowledge about fashion and football, I find fashion to be a very stale field. Not because it is nonsense (which it is not), but because the fashion world is afraid to take any risks.









Any idiot with rich parents can become a ‘fashionista’ (i.e. Alexa Chung), any moron with famous parents can become ‘the next Kate Moss’ (i.e. Cara Delevingne) and any dumbass with a powerful mother can be on the cover of Vogue (i.e. Kim Kardashian). The fashion world has clearly lost the sacredness and respect it used to command when Coco Chanel and Jacques Fath ruled the world. In those days fashion was considered an art, a form of expressing your personality. Today it is a method of impressing your friends, getting more Instagram followers and marketing products. Nevertheless, in this year’s Met Gala, an endless parade of same-old impeccably dressed beauties who have not achieved anything worthy in their lives wear bland clothes by desperate designers in order to seek validation.



1) Emma Stone in Thakoon– Out of the countless young actresses who get discovered everyday, Emma Stone is the only one who doesn’t look like a painted corpse. This dress is truly beautiful- the bright yet soothing colour, the comfortable fit, the natural makeup and easy yet elegant braide, I love everything about this look.





2) Adele Exarchopoulos in Prada- I honestly love this girl to death. Not only is she a fantastic actress but her style choices are always mesmerising. Her makeup is more beautiful than the dress actually. J’adore!


cara-delevingne-vogue-6may14-pa_b_426x639 2)Cara Delevingne in Stella McCartney– I am not very fond of this girl as a person because who wouldn’t be a supermodel if her Grandad owned Conde Nast? But I gotta admit, girl’s got nerve!






3) Kristen Wiig in Balenciaga by Alexander Wang– I like this girl and I like the fact that she dared to try something different.








1) Kylie Minogue in Marchesa– I liked Kylie since she was a passenger on the Titanic and it crashed into the walls of the TARDIS. Although this dress is not ugly, it’s still rather boring and bland.






2) Dita Von Teese in Zac Posen– Zac Posen can rarely go wrong, but this dress, on THIS woman? No!








3) Rosamund Pike in Louis Vuitton– I don’t even know who this chick is!







4) Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham– I am not very fond of this woman either, everything she wears looks like it’s drapped on a hanger.







5) Sarah Jessica Parker in Oscar De La Renta– Does this woman think she is a fashion moghul? She really is not!






Thank God, Jennifer Lawrence didn’t come to the Met Gala because otherwise EVERYONE would be head over heels because of her dress and how ‘quirky’ she is. What I’m saying is, as an audience and as a generation of people who actually follow and believe in the power of fashion, we should expect more from celebrities. But when Vogue itself puts reality stars on its cover, what shall we reckon others will offer?


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