Coldplay 22

“I am the maker of music, the dreamer of dreams!” – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


I am infuriated and offended and hence I am writing this post about my hate for people who pollute music by associating it with the music-maker’s personal life. I don’t give a shit if half the songs on ‘Ghost Stories’ are about Gwyneth Paltrow ‘s shinning blonde locks, who and what the inspiration of the song is should not affect your opinion of it. If the lyrics are thoughtful and the music is catchy then I don’t care if Taylor Swift wrote that song about her immature break-up with Harry Styles is, I will like the song. But at the same time sometimes it does affect my thinking and I lose interest in certain songs because I know too much about them.


For instance take Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t’, I like Ed’ music as some of the songs from his first album ‘+’ like The A Team and Drunk resonated with me. I was looking forward to him performing ‘Don’t’ on SNL for the first time but then I found out that the song is about how Ellie Goulding cheated on him and slept with a mutual friend at a party. Now even though I was excited about SNL I didn’t watch it because it somehow adulterated my thoughts about the song.


Songwriting is an intimate process and when a singer describes the innermost sentiments behind a song the media turns it into a saucy headline and the people turn it into a tumblr meme. It insensitive and repulsive how we dissect someone’s personal feelings like a reptile in a biology lab. For years I have listened to Coldplay’s music, I have loved their creations but more than that I have admired their professionalism. I loved how Chris Martin always kept his promotional interviews for an album ABOUT the album. But in these couple of months after ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ people have constantly associated ‘Ghost Stories’ with his divorce.

My favourite Coldplay song
My favourite Coldplay song

In conclusion all I’m saying that it is one thing to make fun of Taylor Swift because she takes silly revenge on her exes by complaining about heir behaviour in her songs. But when a highly-respected singer, an honest and fair artist and a modest and private person like Chris Martin goes through an unfortunate divorce, please leave him alone. Don’t listen to ‘Magic’ because it is about Gwyneth Paltrow (honestly we don’t even know if it is actually about Gwyneth Paltrow, these are just rumours), listen to it because it is a fascinating song. Don’t disrespect Coldplay’s sentiments like you mock today’s teen stars, they’re in a completely different league. Don’t analyze Coldplay’s music the way you scrutinize Taylor Swift’s because she is a shameless bitch who has arrogantly admitted which helpless celebrity her songs are about.

Don’t ridicule Chris Martin, if you don’t like his music don’t listen to it. But don’t be an asshole and mock the most eloquent songwriter of my generation.  Have you seen read the lyrics of ‘Viva la Vida’? Have you heard the fantastic music in ‘Fix You’? Have you seen the video of ‘Paradise’? Coldplay is a far better band than any other and they don’t use cheap tactics to gain popularity. They are reknowed for their craft and respected for their fair practices. They don’t sell their music to Pepsi and degrade it by putting a price on it. They hold it sacred to them and it is why the reason why we are not worthy of mocking their music. Everybody okay?




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