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Today The Daily Post very subtly asked me what my love potion would smell like. In ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ a love-potion is a drink that can make the drinker fall in love with the maker. Whenever anybody gets a whiff of the Love Potion, it smells like a combination of their favourite things thus making them curious to gulp it immediately. But off course if everything was so easy it would’ve been called ‘Twilight’, love potion cannot create ‘love’ it can only create a very strong attraction or lustful passion.So here is a bunch of smells that really makes me put down my defenses and gets in a surreal mood.

1) Coffee

21 Of The Most Mesmerizing Food GIFs

My favourite smell is obviously the bitter but mild smell of coffee, the smell that attacks your nostrils when you enter a cafe, the enticing smell which comes from the mouth of someone who just took a sip of espresso, the hypnotizing smell of coffee beans in my hand when I am making my morning cuppa. I have no words to describe the smell of coffee except it smells like a ‘busy night’ (pun intended).

2) Chocolate

21 Of The Most Mesmerizing Food GIFs

Do you know that some people’s voice sounds like chocolate? Whenever Benedict Cumberbatch mumbles it feels like he is smothering me in chocolate and licking it off my body (sorry for the terrible imagery). But I love chocolate, the smell of a freshly unwrapped Dairy Milk bar, the smell of my mom’s homemade chocolate cookies, the smell of birthday cakes. Ich liebe schokolade!

3) Fresh flowers

9 Delightful GIFs Of Flowers Coming Into Bloom

I don’t care which flowers, whether it’s the half-dead rose from my bedroom window or the chrysanthemums imported from Amsterdam. I just love waking up to the smell of fresh flowers in the morning.

4) Peanuts

22 Gifs That Will Make You Really Hungry

Don’t pity the dead Harry, pity the living and above all pity those who have a peanut allergy. Some people hate peanuts, I hate those people. I mean PEANUTS! Raw peanuts on a beach, boiled peanuts in rice, roasted peanuts when it is raining, peanuts in Snickers!

5) Melted Cheese

22 Gifs That Will Make You Really Hungry

And on the third day God said, ‘Let there be cheese’ and people around the world rejoiced. Whenever I am in my college canteen I always fight with the dude who makes grilled sandwitches because he never puts enough cheese.

6) Tomato Ketchup

I don’t even like tomatoes! But I am one of those nasty people who put ketchup in everything. It’s just so tangy and refreshing and can make bird poop taste delicious. But if tomato is a fruit, shouldn’t it be called tomato smoothie?

7) Fried potatoes

21 Of The Most Mesmerizing Food GIFs

Has there ever been anything more magnificent than the smell of hot french fries fresh of the fryer? French Fries just ought to make you feel better about life. How little things bring enormous happiness!

8) Spicy Ramen

21 Of The Most Mesmerizing Food GIFs

I have less items of clothing than the varieties in which I can cook Ramen noodles. I cook them when I am alone and since I don’t know how or what to cook I just whip them up in two minutes. They smell like ‘independence’ and ‘not needing anyone’.

9) Seasonal Fruits

21 Of The Most Mesmerizing Food GIFs

Fruits are my mid-meal snack and I love the smell of plucking mangoes off trees in my village farm, or collecting blueberries in the forest or simply buying kiwis in the market. The smell of freshness and the dewy mist on them is spectacular.

10) Petricor

The smell of rain, I have no words to describe it.

If you mix all the above ingredients, it will result into a disturbing salad with a yucky taste. But individually, all the above smells can make me drool and get on my knees (pun not intended). What is your favourite smell? Make makes you weak? Let me know in the comments!




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