A Tale of Two Geniuses

Imagine two of your favourite characters from TV shows having a warm cup of tea with you. Visualize feeling their physical presence in your living room and their eyes on you (or each other) as you pour tea from your kettle shakily. If I could have this fantasy become reality I would have trouble choosing which two people to invite. I would love to invite the smoldering Damon Salvatore and talk about his hedonistic approach to life. But I suspect he’s not much of a talker but a do-er (no pun intended). I would be thrilled to invite Sheldon Cooper but I believe he will only find me too stupid to have the honour of his company. I would genuinely love to have Barney Stinson over and ask him about his ‘The Bro Code’. But I think I would have the most entertaining tea party if I invite BBC’s Sherlock Holmes and NBC’s Hannibal Lecter.


I would simply invite them and pretend I don’t exist so I don’t interrupt their conversation. Can you imagine though? Hannibal, a psychopath and cannibalistic serial killer interacting with Sherlock Holmes, the sharpest detective in history of literature. Sherlock would read him in seconds with just a look and tell Hannibal everything that no one else (even Will) could have conjectured. They would talk freely about crimes and Hannibal would go into horrifying details about how he carries out his murders and Sherlock would be utterly fascinated by his intelligence. I can totally imagine John Watson being nerve-wracking disturbed if he was in Sherlock’s place, uncomfortable while interacting with a monster. They would talk about crimes too but Hannibal would be superficial and John, judgmental.

no its not okay

On the other hand if Sherlock has a conversation over tea with Will Graham he could provide some insight into what is reality and fantasy which could be interesting. But it will stop there. But between Sherlock and Hannibal, the conversation will flow naturally like two lovers meeting after a very long time. Hannibal would describe his crimes but Sherlock would insist that he should explain the intricacies. Hannibal in turn would test him and ask him to guess which (off course) Sherlock correctly would. Sherlock would be utterly fascinated by how, for so long, Hannibal managed to hide his heinous crimes from the police and he would politely reply, “Because it’s not Scotland Yard”.

not my division

I can imagine both being completely, utterly and inappropriately admiring each other. Sherlock would appreciate that finally he found a serial killer whom he cannot easily deduce and Hannibal would be grateful that he had found an intellectual match. These men would be enemies off course, but the rare sort who respect their opponent. If Sherlock and John ever got a case of one of Hannibal’s victims, John will approach him with hatred and disgust (like any normal person). But Sherlock will feel charm and ecstasy (like fan girls). Not because he likes Hannibal or anything, simply because he is a pure genius. Criminal but genius. Much like Moriarty, even better.


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