Journey To The Corners Of The Earth

Today the Daily Post threw a tricky challenge at me, they asked if money was non-existent, would I still work? I am still a student and I have worked part-time previously simply to help my family financially or to include another impressive column in my rather empty resume. Most of them involved writing but unfortunately all of them involved writing about something that I couldn’t care less about. Heck, right now I’m taking a degree so that I can simply write what people what me to write about for the rest of my life. It’s rather depressing. I do not have the same freedom (or joy or praise or popularity) that I am showered upon in blogging. On my blog one day I can write a post Who George R R Martin should kill next and no one would question my psychological state. But I don’t get paid for blogging and that is the only sad twist in the story.


So if money was completely out of the equation, if I didn’t have to worry about earning money for my higher education, saving for buying a decent house or paying insurance for healthcare- I would travel. As simple as that. I would travel to the ends of the earth and come back to my hometown and travel again so much that I would question myself where I actually belong. I want to live in certain cities for one year (namely New York City, Paris, London, Barcelona, Athens, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Marrakech, Sydney, St. Petersburg and many more) and explore their culture and learn their traditions. Some of these might be cliche but I have intimate reasons for selecting these few. I would live in these cities, explore the entire country, interact with the locals, learn their languages, cook their food, believe in their superstitions, pray to their Gods- all for a year. Then I would pack my bags and without saying goodbye (I believe if you say goodbye you will never meet again, after all I have some superstitions of my own) travel to another marvelous city.


I would spend my entire life, following the north star, trying to find my place in the world. I would keep a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk (if I could afford one) ready in a corner of my bedroom, waiting to embark on an adventure. I want to experience everything from the luxury of the casinos in Las Vegas to the horrors in Auchswitz Poland), from the historic art in Florence to seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland, from partying in Ibiza to meditating in a Buddhist Monastery- I want to try my hand at everything. Who knows, in doing all this I might finally find the place where I belong. Or the person I belong with. I don’t want to die with a bank full of money for my children (if I have any), I want to die with the belief that I lived my life the way wanted to live it, did everything that I wanted to do and followed my heart at every step.


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